Andrea Voets is the artistic director of Resonate Productions. She makes musical journalism by combining in-depth, social journalism with lots of original music, into performances and podcasts that bring to light emotional blinds spots in society. In 2018, she became a New Maker at De Balie -the main house for debate of the Netherlands-. This resulted in Wings & Roots (2018) and While We Live (2020). The Dutch quality-newspaper NRC listed this show as best of classical music in 2020, calling it a “fascinating new genre”

In 2022, Andrea created the podcast Millennial History with composer Luke Deane. This production got shortlisted for by the Association of International Broadcasters as best human interest audio/radio. Podcast-phenomenon Avery Trufelman named it as one of the six best/weirdest podcasts of the year. Andrea made her debut as a writer in de Groene Amsterdammer (the Dutch equivalent to Der Spiegel/the New Yorker) with a 4000-word essay on Millennial History.

That same year, she received the selective FastForward grant (FPK), given to just two Dutch performing artists per year, for worldwide artistic research into the question “how to feel safe?”.
2024 brings FOR REAL: a theatrical radio-show on what it means to matter. Starting point: an in-depth analysis of the intellectual undermining of women.

Andrea obtained her BA of harp and philosophy in Amsterdam and her MA of harp at the Hanns Eisler conservatory in Berlin, where she has been teaching her own course of practical music philosophy ever since. During her studies, Andrea won various first prizes, built a solo-career as a harpist and created many interdisciplinary concerts. Upon graduation, she received an Elsa Neumann Stipendium -issued by the arts universities of Berlin to a few selected graduates-.
Andrea is a guest-lecturer at universities throughout Europe in various fields (journalism, history, musicology, European studies).

She developed the concept of musical journalism after the creation of XENITIA (2016) : a documentary-concert on migration, based on the testimonies of eighteen Greeks who left their country because of the crisis. After a presentation at ClassicalNEXT, the head of music of the British Council called this production “the sort of show we need after Trump and Brexit.”

Because of her international activities, Andrea speaks six languages fluently, including New-Greek and Farsi. She lives and works in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Greece.

Dodó Kis is active in the cultural field in different capacities; from artistic and creative works to organisational and advisory roles.

Dodó hosts the Nebular Sessions, a monthly genre-bending concert series at De Ruimte where in 2022 she invited Andrea Voets to perform her piece Millennial History. The performance was a great success and the idea of working together was born. In early 2023 Dodó joined Resonate Productions in the role of business director.

In the past Dodó served as board member of several organizations, such as the BIMpro (beroepsvereniging improviserende musici), Platform Makers (an organisation protecting author rights) and Stichting Muziekstraat (an organisation creating music workshops for children from low-income families).

She also worked as financial manager at NAP Labs, a Dutch company that makes custom made software for large scale audio-visual installations. A graduate of the Conservatory of Amsterdam (MA, 2016) Dodó performs with various bands and projects in The Netherlands and across Europe, from contemporary classical music, to jazz improvisation and modern music theater.