Andrea Voets

George Dumitriu

Sarah Jeffery

Burkhard Körner

FOR REAL is a theatrical radio-show on what it means to matter. The starting point is the intellectual undermining of women: the sexism on the mind and the soul and lack of interest in what they think, say, make or try to achieve in life.

As an audience-member, you are a guest in our radio-studio. Over the speakers, you hear the voices of fourteen women. They analyse the intellectual undermining, starting from their personal and professional experiences with sexism on the mind and soul. How does this influence your sense of self, your trust, the building of relationships, and eventually: the course of life itself?

The audience completes the investigation, when the musicians start interviewing them on the topics at hand. These interactions are carried by a new technique of improvising, in which the musicians support risky and honest conversations as they unfold.

Each performance of FOR REAL will be recorded and released as a podcast-episode. By doing this, we create a sounding collection of your voices on what it means to matter: to have dignity, to feel understood and to be taken seriously.

the Audience • Angela Saini • Aldith Hunkar • Kate Manne • Maaike Meijer • Avery Trufelman • Kymia Kermani • Bindu De Knock • Julia Wouters • Annelies Van Parys • Sara Mohammadi • Yung-Tuan Ku • Gaea Schoeters • Celia Serrano • Androniki Menelaou

With the support of: Fonds Podiumkunsten, AFK, stichting Dioraphte, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, BNG-cultuurfonds, De Balie & Splendor