Andrea Voets

Shishani Vranckx

John Farah

Bodek Janke / Evi Filippou

In a globalized world, ever more people build relationships to different countries and cultures, but never fully belong to any of them. They form the so-called Third Culture: those who always relate but never belong.

This is the case for Shishani Vranckx, John Farah, Bodek Janke and Andrea Voets: four musicians that carry twelve countries within them. In the documentary-concert Wings & Roots, we witness their sessions with transcultural psychiatrist Glenn Helberg. He helps them to piece it all together: all these different realities that make up the puzzle of their being. The filmed conversations resonate through the musician's live-music on stage. Together with the audience, they shape a new sense of belonging: one that embraces and celebrates the multi-layered complexity of who we are.

Wings & Roots is a documentary-concert by Andrea Voets. With De Balie, the most important Dutch house for debate, Andrea received a New Makers-subsidy of the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts in 2018-2019, for the creation of two new productions. Company New Heroes provided the artistic guidance.

"Wings and Roots was one of the purest moments of understanding I have been part of. Unlike cheesy movies and other concerts, I was not embarrassed to cry, laugh, and digest the sounds, words, and energetic feelings that were wrapped around the entire audience: like the most secure cozy blanket you've ever experienced. For the first time in my life I knew who I was and I did not feel confused in trying to exact that internal experience"
Joanna Neuschatz