-to get where we are coming from-

Andrea Voets

Luke Deane & Andrea Voets

Andrea Voets, Luke Deane, Sarah Jeffery

Catinca Draganescu

In Millennial History, we relive impactful moments in recent history through the eyes of millennials, who were there when it happened. In interviews with musical journalist Andrea Voets, they reflect on the far-reaching consequences of the events on their lives & societies. The conversations centre around the ‘deep story’: the reality as they experienced it back then, as children.

The project covers the murder of anti-mafia judge Giovani Falcone on Sicily, the Troubles in Northern-Ireland, the ‘Children of the Decree’ of Ceausescu in Romania and Change and Unification in East-Germany.

Against a backdrop of real danger and profound change, ten millennials have to forge a completely new reality by embracing contradictions, confrontations and moral complexity. They show us the way towards living an intense life: driven by the will to fight for each other, with lots of love and care.

Millennial History started off as a podcast, for which Andrea Voets and composer/sound-designer Luke Deane combined hundreds of layers of music and interviews. The podcast got shortlisted by the Association for International Broadcasters as ‘best of human interest audio ‘22’. Radio-phenomenon Avery Trufelman (a.o. Articles of Interest) listed the podcast as one of her 6 best/weirdest podcasts of 2022.

In the live documentary-concert, all stories merge into one compelling unity: composed, performed and sung by Andrea Voets (harp), Luke Deane (keys) & Sarah Jeffery(recorders). Join them in the concert-hall, take a seat in the Millennial Histories and let constant sounds and songs carry you through these bold and meaningful talks. This is musical journalism, to get where we are coming from.

In November 2022, the Dutch leading opinionating magazine De Groene Amsterdammer published a 4000-word article on Millennial History, written by Andrea Voets.