Andrea Voets' many interests led her to become a harpist, as well as a musical journalist and visiting professor of practical music philosophy at European conservatories.

Born in 1989, she obtained her bachelors of music and philosophy in Amsterdam at the age of 22. She then received a scholarship from the Prins Bernhard Fund to study at the Hanns Eisler conservatory in Berlin with Maria Graf. After finishing the master of harp, Andrea started teaching her course of music philosophy at this conservatory, followed by the School of Arts in Ghent and she made here solo-debut at the young-talent series SCOOP of the Concertgebouw Brugge.

During her studies, Andrea won various first prizes and built a solo-career as a harpist. From the start, she produced interdisciplinary concerts as well. First came Latin Lovers: a visual concert with calligrapher Yves Leterme, based on an ancient loveguide by Ovid and funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Next was a program on the philosophy of totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt with clarinettist Blake Weston. Andrea was appointed laureate of the Belgian SmartBE-foundation, as well as the Stringendo music fund, who supported a production on Oscar Wilde's life with spoken-word artist Helen White. mIra(n)cle got selected for the experimental concert series at the Bijloke in Ghent and she made here solo-debut at the young-talent series SCOOP of the Concertgebouw Brugge.

She committed herself to musical journalism after the creation of XENITIA: a documentary-concert on migration, based on the testimonies of 18 Greeks who left their country because of the crisis. With percussionist Evi Filippou, she secured subsidy for this production on the occasion of the Dutch presidency of the EU in 2016.

That year, Andrea received an Elsa Neumann Stipendium, issued by the art schools of Berlin, and got selected for the Concerto21-program of the Topfer Stiftung and the first Citizen Artist Incubator in Vienna.

In 2017, she united the main house for debate in the Netherlands De Balie, company New Heroes and many established cultural stakeholders into the application for a New Makers subsidy of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.This got granted for 2018 and 2019, enabling the creation of two new documentary-concerts : Third Culture Sounds and the Concert-Campaign on Loneliness amongst young people in Europe.

Because of her international projects, Andrea speaks six languages fluently, including Greek and Farsi. She divides her time between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Iran.